Sample blog from Melody Ross's journalism class:
Semi Journalism
  • Tell Me What You Think! by ms_ross Jan 9, 2012
    Thank you for all your hard work in Journalism this semester! As always, it is one of my favourite classes to teach, and I hope you had some fun taking it. I would love to have some feedback on how to make the course even better. Sometime in the n...
  • Editorials by ms_ross Dec 12, 2011
    We’ve been watching documentaries in class, but films like these are generally considered more film-making than journalism. Editorials are the journalistic equivalent of documentaries–a place for reporters to express their opinions. Th...

Sample blog from Melanie Grant's English class:
Room 209's Book Clubs




  • Homework information
  • Communication with parents, LST teachers, etc. as well as students
  • Have students respond to your blog with comments--a good weekly assignment to go beyond what you can cover in class, especially if you embed videos or links
  • Students create their own blogs as portfolios
  • Students create their own blogs as part of a research project--write posts to summarize current learnings or research, link to sources, etc. Presentations can be "highlights" tours of the blogs
  • Publish student work


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