DC-10sDocument Camera

Lumens DC265

Hue HD webcam:

If you have some tech skills, you may be able to use something like this as a makeshift document camera
Hue HD


DC265 Review

University of Missouri page of resources and lesson ideas

Video explaining how the cameras are set up:

Video showing how to make your own basic doc camera:


(Many ideas come from the discussion thread found at

  • Shared reading experience, such as newspaper articles or picture books
  • Students showing and explaining their work (e.g. math)
  • Put a timer underneath
  • Capture student work with the built-in camera
  • Conduct science experiments, cooking lessons, mix paint colours, etc.
  • Students sharing writing (e.g. poetry)
  • Using manipulatives
  • Discussing and displaying homework
  • Put transparencies over books/images and write on those to highlight specific items
  • Use the camera to take snapshots of a process or change over time
  • Have small groups of students work together to formulate a response to a problem, including the process. Elect one representative from each group to "think aloud" as they write under the doc camera, drawing and discussing the stages of problem-solving.
  • In math problem-solving, take a photo of a problem and solution (use a kid's). Put it in your teacher blog and have students individually respond to the query: How might the writer have arrived at this solution?
  • Have students using manipulatives build them in trays so they are portable to the doc camera
  • Daily read a book as a shared reading with the class and as you go, do screen captures so that you are doubling up by creating an accessible book. Later, grab your screen captures and put them into PowerPoint, etc.
  • Use your old transparencies by putting a white piece of paper behind them
  • More ideas sorted by curricular area at Pottsville Elementary School's resource page