Some podcasts to check out: Radiolab, Grammar Girl, Two Tech Chicks, Today in Canadian History

20 iTunes Feeds for the 2.0 Teacher

Examples of digital storytelling

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Apple's Teacher Resources
Apple's Podcasting in the Classroom
Podomatic: site for making, uploading, and listening to podcasts
Gary Stager: a wealth of resources for educators interested in podcasts
Allanah's Podcasting Space: resources collected by a classroom teacher
Education Podcast Network


  • Teachers: Upload recorded audio lectures and/or podcasts for students to use in review, or for absentee students
  • Students: Download and/or subscribe to podcasts, video tutorials, etc. for extended learning, review, etc.
  • Both iTunes and iPod can be used to teach languages very successfully. iTunes can use recorded words and phrases accompanied by adapted cover art images or words to teach a language. The audio can also be given meta data via the comments section of the audio files information settings that will enable iTunes to be searched. (from Classroom uses for iPods and iTunes, above)
  • Download audiobooks
  • Using an iPod or iTunes is a great way for pupils to deliver and share digital stories. The digital stories could be simply an audio story or a combination of images and audio. The images might be digital photographs or scanned images that the pupils have created. The digital stories could be delivered as a playlist in iTunes and on an iPod with the images being delivered as cover art. (from Classroom uses for iPods and iTunes, above)