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Teacher uses of iPod Touch/iPhone in the classroom:
  • Place under a document camera to project anything (app, video, timer, etc.) so everyone can see it
  • Use FirstClass app to easily check email
  • Use WordPress app (and similar apps) to manage your class blog
  • Take and keep notes easily (bell schedule, meetings, etc.) with notepad and calendar apps
  • iPhones and new iPod Touches can take photographs
  • Record the audio of your lesson for later review, absentees, etc.

Student uses of iPod Touch/iPhone in the classroom:
  • Use area-specific apps for engagement, revision, etc. (see some links below)--either as a class or as needed, such as the student who is always done first or last
  • Record audio: group discussions, interviews, speeches, etc.
  • Take photographs of a process, a project, etc.
  • Listen to an audiobook or read an e-book (can be preloaded by the teacher)
  • Listen to podcasts ("professional" or created by classmates)


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